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Admissions Open for this Academic Year 2019-2020

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Events & celebrations 2019-2020

    5th Hot air balloon day
    9th Donald duck day
    11th World ocean's day
    13th World doll day
    15th Blood donar's day
    15th Nature photography day
    16th Fresh veggies day
    17th Eat your vegetable day
    17th Father's day
    25th Orientation
    29th Red colour day

    6th Umbrella day
    6th Ramzan
    7th Global forgiveness day
    10th Cow appreciation day
    11th World population day
    13th Sketch day
    18th International candy day
    20th Lollilpop day
    21th Say no to junk food day
    24th Park Visit
    29th Blue colour day
    30th Sky day

    1st Doctor's day
    1st Ice-cream sandwich day
    3rd Water melon day
    4th Friendship day
    4th Friends home visit
    4th Social security day
    6th Fresh breath day (yoga)
    8th Happiness happens day
    15th Independence day
    15th Honeybee day
    18th Rakshabhandhan
    18th Krishna jayanthi
    25th Make-up day
    26th Women's equality day
    31th Green Colour Day

    5th Teacher's day
    8th Ganesh chathurthi
    8th International literacy day
    9th Grand parent's day
    9th Party with your teddy bear day
    12th Animal day
    13th International Chocolate day
    18th Safety Respect day
    21th International day of peace
    22nd Ice cream cone day
    28th World dream day
    28th Yellow colour day
    29th World heart day

    1st World vegetarian day
    2nd Gandhi jayanti
    3rd World farm animals day
    3rd Blue shirt day
    4th World animal day
    7th Bath tub day
    7th Pool day
    7th World smile day
    8th Universal music day
    10th Farmer day & vegetable day
    11th Vijayadasami
    12th Moharam
    14th World egg day
    17th World handwashing day
    21th World apple day
    21th Reptile awareness day
    22nd Nut Day
    23rd Talk show
    24th Make a difference day
    26th Brown day
    27th Navy day
    27th Orphanage visit
    29th Diwali
    30th Neighbour’s day

    1st Nat family literacy day
    3rd Sandwich day
    4th Candy day
    8th International tongue twister day
    8th National young readus day
    11th Origami day
    13th World kindness day
    14th Children's day
    14th International girls day
    21st World hello day
    23nd Go for a ride day
    24th Unique talent day
    25th Cake day
    26th Orange colour day
    26th Flossing day &Tooth fairy day

    1st Art day
    3rd Int day of disabled person
    3rd Make a gift day
    4th Nat cookie day
    4th Wear brown hat day
    5th Cookie day
    7th Cotton candy day
    11th Lost & found day
    14th Monkey day
    16th Choclate covered anything day
    20th World day-prayer & action for children
    26th Thank you note day

Fruit cake day

    29th Tick tock day [clock day]

    2nd National motivation & inspiration day
    4th Tom thumb
    5th Bird day
    13th Pongal celebration
    16th Nothing day
    19th Popcorn day
    20th Penquin awareness day
    21th Super market visit
    24th Belly laugh day
    25th Pink colour day
    26th Republic day
    28th Pancake day

    3rd Carrot day
    3rd Puzzle day
    4th Homemade soup day
    6th Duck day
    8th Kite flying day
    8th Family day
    10th Activ kidz birthday
    11th White shirt day
    13th Flower day
    14th Library lovers day
    16th Almond day
    20th International mother language day
    22nd Be humble day
    22nd Violet colour day
    27th Strawberry day
    29th Tooth fairy day

    3rd World book day
    22nd World water day
    25th Cartoonist day
    25th Aquarium day
    26th Aquarium visit
    27th Black colour day

    3st Pool day
    8th Zoo lover's day
    21st Kindergarten day

      All Days Holidays