Our Methodology
      As our ethos is based upon Montessori way of education and various other pedagogy, we seek to prepare children before enrolling to schools with formal education. We keep our imaginations and innovations alive in designing the curriculum which results in endless miracles. Our curriculum is designed in such a way so as to uplift your kid's motor skills, cognitive & logical skills, social & behavioral skills, verbal & communication skills, apart from these practical life & aesthetic skills too…

Our curriculum focuses on inquiry-based learning. Young children at Activ Kidz are respected as competent thinkers and communicators who are offered many opportunities to engage with a range of materials and resources to extend and challenge their thinking. The curriculum invites children to hypothesize, theorize, predict, problem solve, construct and document their developing understandings of the world in which they live. Our approach acknowledges the socio-cultural principle that children learn from quality interactions and relationships with people, places and things; exploring and discovering in an affirmative environment.
Our daily schedule consists of an integrated approach with the following activities :
Dramatic play & puppetry
: Allows children to re-enact experience and develop language and collaborative skills.

Hands-on gardening activities
: Along with the fun of getting dirty, gardening helps children learn valuable lessons about patience as they wait for vegetables to grow, responsibility as they see how necessary their care is to the garden, and even loss when flowers die at the end of a season. They learn about nurturing a life and what it takes to keep something alive.

Nature walk
: Nature walks have always been an integral component of our education programs. Nature walk is a welcome change from the classroom, an opportunity to get outside, enjoy some fresh air and get some exercise; its real benefits go much deeper

At the pantry
: Cooking with children encourages creativity, an understanding of bad eating habits, responsibility and involvement. It requires hands on use of math concepts, planning, thinking, and time management.

Music and Movement
: is a social activity that develops the sense of being part of a group; develops rhythm and co-ordination and helps to build gross motor skills.

Messy play & Splash pool
: provides the opportunity for children to mix, dig, measure, pour and experiment with floating and sinking, thus developing inquiry and problem solving skills.

Play area
: is an integral part of gross motor skill development and for the general well being of children.